Works as a stand alone device without needing to connect to a PC or a smartphone, having the ability of working reliably and easy.

It can be configured acting as a WiFi Station or as an WiFi Access Point to get access to the CAN Bus messages over WiFi.

Offers a simple, easy to use and cost effective solution to access the data messages on any CAN Bus interface over USB.

An "all in one" state of the art power meter that can be connected to a windows PC for analysing the power signals and setting up its configuration.

The most advance tool to work with the communication protocol LIN Bus.

Offers unique features such as micro SD Card, Real Time Clock Calendar and 5 thermocouple inputs.

Offers 10 single ended channels with high resolution and high accuracy data logging.

Provides electrical isolation protection for CAN Bus interfaces. The device has also got the ability to repeat the CAN Bus signals, making it ideal for applications with long cable networks.

Specially designed to be used for isolating RS485 networks that contain any mixture of batteries and mains voltages. It can also be used as a RS485 signal amplifier, reaching longer cable distances.

Provides protection against electrical noise and ground loops on USB networks.

On a strong aluminium enclosure, our Bluetooth to RS485 is the perfect replacement to any isolated USB to RS485 converter.

Features USB 2.0, providing higher bandwidth and improving protocols for data exchange between the host and the device.

Can be connected easily to any smartphone or PC via Bluetooth and stream audio from it.