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Diagonal Systems has a small group of highly qualified and experienced persons working and collaborating in designing and building the most innovative products. This group of engineers is managed by Luis Ramirez.

Luis has a MSc in Electronics Engineering and almost 20 years international experience. During this time, he has being working on different sectors designing products for automotive, marine and energy storage industries. After working for several of these companies, Luis has become an expert in safety critical applications which require a high attention to the details. Now, Luis Ramirez is the managing director of Diagonal Systems but also works actively on the design of our products.


We started Diagonal Systems late in 2016 when we saw that most of the products in the market needed to be more innovative. Our first steps were start developing a CAN Bus Logger. A device that will log into a SD Card the CAN Bus messages from any CAN Bus network.

While developing the CAN Bus Logger, the Diagonal Systems team started developing other products and building the company. Early in 2018 we finished and release the first revision of the CAN Bus Logger.

During the year 2020, Diagonal Systems has designed and developed a whole range of data loggers, data analysers and digital interface isolators. We are leading the market with our innovative products and offering an extensive range of solutions. Our products are designed to support Big Data companies acquiring the data they need.


We truly believe that developing our products with unique features helps our costumers to deliver their goals faster and easier. We design and partially produce our products in house. This let us have the control of every single feature and detail of our products and the software included with our products.


As a United Kingdom company, Diagonal Systems has the majority of the manufacturing and production processes based in England. We are always searching for bringing the whole production and manufacturing to the UK without affecting the products cost and our costumers. With this idea, Diagonal Systems wants to grow as a business, employing more professionals and qualified persons.

We believe that the companies are responsible of reducing the world's pollution. Our products are developed with this in mind and we offer them on a very small plastic enclosure. For future products, we will design our products on a fully recyclable aluminium enclosure.


We got the future plans to make Diagonal Systems grow bigger than what it is. To accomplish this Diagonal Systems will offer a wider products portfolio.

Diagonal Systems is planning to offer a long term life to all of the products and the new designs.